If you’re ready to become the fittest, healthiest version of yourself, 3&D Sports Performance can make it happen. 

Katie Spruance

I am in the best physical and mental health of my adult life. I thank 3&D for helping me get there.

“I was the third person in my family to work out at 3&D. I had always heard good things, but seeing is believing, and doing is even better. Once I started, I never stopped and haven’t missed a session or challenge in the past six months.

Corey, Lovell, and Raychel have inspired and motivated me to work harder for my overall health and well-being. The other infinite athletes support each other and
make the workouts fun. I couldn’t imagine a better group of people to surround myself with. Before 3&D, my workouts were less frequent and less effective. 3&D coaches have designed programs that work every part of my body, while constantly changing and keeping things fresh.

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. You will learn proper technique, try things you never thought you would do, and succeed thanks to your peers and coaches.

Corby Spruance

3&D has created a structure for me that I now have a craving for. The workouts have allowed me to push myself without feeling overwhelmed, with good intensity everyday.

The programming always keeps me on my toes and guessing what tomorrow will bring, but I always leave dripping with sweat! It is great to be part of such an intimate and motivating group. 

Not only do my wife and I work out 3x /a week, our 6th-grade son loves working out here, and my third-grade daughter can’t wait until she is old enough to! My son actually showed me the ropes at a family workout, and it I was very impressed with Lovell, Raychel, and Corey.

They create a nice ‘family feeling’ and welcome you with open arms. I got hooked pretty quickly…

Give it a shot. If it’s not for you, so be it. But I bet you will learn some valuables tools, and something about yourself, if you push yourself and give it a shot.

Jake Bargas

NFL Fullback

“Physically Lovell helped me ramp up my training, but more importantly mentally he challenged me in ways I never experienced. The mental edge is the deal-breaker as players get older and the body starts to lose a step. I haven’t lost a step physically or mentally and continue to grow.

My mobility and overall functional movement improved dramatically with their program. From an injury prevention standpoint, their expertise competes with anyone in the country.”

I started working with Lovell when I was 12 years old. Although I’ve traveled all over the country for my training and competition, he’s been a constant resource for me. Anything I ever needed, he was there. After college ball I didn’t feel at my best, and was skeptical towards many trainers. Lovell and I put together a program that I could do daily wherever I was with minimal equipment. The FRC work changed the way I understand my body moving in space and played a pivotal role in me making it to the NFL.

Jaynashia Brown

Xavier University

“3&D Sports Performance got me not only physically but mentally stronger in the weight room with their intense workouts. They also provided me with a plethora of exercises to help me get my body healthier as I was coming back from a major knee injury. This includes things like hip mobility exercises, ACL prevention, and pool workouts. 3&D also helped me with nutrition support to reduce inflammation and help my body heal faster.”

The best advice I would give to anyone that is going to be trained by 3&D is don’t be afraid to push yourself outside of your comfort zone because as long as you are willing to work they will be sure that you see results.

Rob Wright


It means a lot to be apart of the 3&D Sports Family. I feel like they are very supportive of my goals and they want me to be the best person/player that I can be. While working with Lovell and the other coaches I have become more flexible, stronger and I have been jumping higher. My first ever 3&D session was great!
My friend Dallas and myself had a great session with Lovell. We tried a lot of new things that I have not done before and I noticed the results after the first couple of weeks.

 Be opened minded and willing to trust the process. You will love it because it is a family environment with great energy. Everyone is very supportive and they genuinely want the best for you.

Chris Arcidiacono

Villanova University

“The workouts that we did with 3&D showed serious results and helped me put on muscle mass during my postgrad season. The workouts they use are the same that strength coaches use at the college level.

After working with 3&D I noticed an overall increase in strength as well as better mobility throughout my body.”

Focus on the details with 3&D Sports Performance, the details will prepare you for a successful and smooth transition to the next level.

Shawnice Shields


I’ve never been a part of a gym family before joining 3&D. Since then it’s been great meeting new people and constantly being encouraged. It feels wonderful being able to be a part of such an incredible environment.
Before joining 3&D I did not focus on mobility at all. I suffered from a lot of “work injuries” due to the nature of my job (sitting behind a desk for hours at a time). Now that I’ve started and been consistent with my sessions I’ve noticed a huge difference with how I feel mentally and physically.”

The advice that I would give to someone considering trying 3&D for the first time is to just not think about it and just try it! You won’t regret it once you start.



Marina Watson
Marina Watson
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I have been going to 3&D for 3 months now. I am in the infinite athletes class. I didn't play sports too much as a kid but started playing rugby for two years and tore my ACL/ meniscus. I used this class to get back in shape after my doctor released me to do all movements. I have seen a drastic change in my mobility and strength. The class is filled with awesome encouraging people. The coaches are great. They guide you in form and give you modified versions to utilize until you're comfortable, but always encourage you to do a little more next time. The workout space is clean and nice. Their equipment is top notch. You won't regret joining their classes!
Katie Spruance
Katie Spruance
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Corey, Lovell, and Raychel have created an environment where all are welcome and everyone is encouraged to be the best version of themselves. I have been participating in the infinite athlete class for almost six months and can honestly say I have never felt better physically and mentally. Beyond the coaches, the greater 3&D community is equally as supportive and fun to be around.
Jarett Mutts
Jarett Mutts
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A year ago I was going strong in the gym with 3&D and the changes were hitting me fast... until COVID-19 snuck up on me. I immediately lost my lung capacity and gained weight. Fast forward a year later and Lovell calls me to come back. Actually, Lovell always calls me and doesn't even talk about the gym or business. It's bigger than business with him. Anyway, I go back to the gym and now my wife joins me and within a week I am down 12 pounds and can already see the slimming. My lungs are still down a lot but the team helps me to pace myself and they keep a close eye on everyone.
Renee Stewart
Renee Stewart
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Hello Rachel, Lovell, Corey! I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of the Fall Callenge and helping me find a way to participate. You all are so motivating and make an amazing team! When I got home I read what you wrote on the card with my cash prize after I won the Fall Challenge, and it was very touching. My son was so proud of me but he had to show me again that he is still stronger by picking me up in the air! At the Vertical Jump Program my son participated in at your program, he gained more hops, strength overall, and most of all confidence! We both never felt more confident knowing what we need to do healthwise. Don't worry this isn't a goodbye.. this is a new start and we will connect again soon most definitely. Stay Blessed and Congrats on all of your achievements so far & love you guys!!! 🙂
Robert Wrigth III
Robert Wrigth III
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You get better every workout been dunking since I started going here.
Suzanne Clough
Suzanne Clough
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What an amazing place! My teenage daughter and son love the training program at 3&D and the results have been phenomenal. As a lifelong athlete myself, I wanted them to be in an environment that was not only fun and challenging, but safe. What I found in 3&D was a program that helps them excel in their sports (lacrosse and basketball) by incorporating sports specific training, mobility, nutrition and a "pre-hab" mentality. Their training methodology and philosophy are cutting edge.

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