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Samantha’s Journey to Become a Nutrition Coach


Samantha's Journey to Become a Nutrition Coach 3&D Sports Performance

Allow me to introduce Samantha Goldstein, our nutrition coach at TS Fitness. Samantha holds a certification from Precision Nutrition, one of the country’s most recognized certifying bodies.

Samantha‘s journey began in eighth grade when she found herself struggling with excess weight. Plagued by self-confidence issues, she endured ridicule for being slightly overweight for her age and height.

Determined to transform her situation, she unfortunately embarked on a battle with anorexia.

Her struggle with anorexia and extremely restricted eating persisted for over a year, leaving her skin, hair, and nails weakened and her energy levels depleted.

Upon receiving warnings from doctors about potential severe long-term health issues, Samantha made the courageous decision to turn her life around.

She committed to establishing sustainable nutrition habits, incorporating exercise along with wholesome eating.

It was during this transformative period that Samantha discovered her passion and love for nutrition.

Her philosophy centers around avoiding restrictive diets and recognizing their short-lived nature and lack of sustainability.

Samantha advocates for developing a positive relationship with food by embracing real, whole foods and ensuring a balanced intake of all macronutrients. She encourages indulging in treats in moderation, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to nutrition.

She has been through both ends of the spectrum when it comes to challenges with her body which has made her such an effective coach.  You can follow her on her instagram page 

Samantha and TS Fitness manage our Slim Down Challenge programming. Samantha will get your nutrition on track!

For more information on this program, just visit our nutrition page.

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