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Will Ozempic Put Gyms Out of Business?

A flashy new weight loss drug, Ozempic, has gained popularity in the past year for its noted effects. Part of the reason why it’s gained popularity is the convincing scientific evidence that it works.

Originally created as a drug to treat or manage type 2 diabetes, Ozempic is an injectable drug known properly by the name Semaglutide. It’s easy to administer by yourself, as long as you’re not afraid of needles.

The media hype surrounding this drug might make you think that it’s a replacement for your workout routine and diet plan. That’s not surprising, because scientists have been chasing a magical pill for years that would manage your weight without any effort.

Some might say that Ozempic is the closest thing ever developed to a magical weight loss pill, but there’s a catch. One study followed participants who took the drug and achieved weight loss results for a period of time.

After they ceased taking the medication, two-thirds gained most of their weight back. That’s a solid majority! Nobody is arguing that this drug is effective, but it’s not the end-all-be-all of weight loss. You still have to form proper diet and exercise habits.

That’s why Ozempic is meant to be prescribed along with a diet and exercise program, not in place of. Some of the studies that have seen the greatest impact combined the drug with a behavior change program. That basically means you’re taking Ozempic and simultaneously changing your workout and nutrition habits.

Another problem is that Ozempic might trick you into thinking that your only goal should be to lose weight. While that might be your main goal for working out, it’s not the only benefit. There are many studies that highlight the mental benefits of working out, both for promoting brain growth and regulating hormones.

Exercise also builds muscle mass, which helps you burn fat and maintain your weight. Plus, muscle mass decreases your risk for injuries and is correlated with longer lifespan. Ozempic doesn’t have those extra benefits, it can only help you lose weight. The magical pill to replace exercise remains elusive because nothing on the market can provide nearly as many benefits for your body that a simple workout can.

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